Monday, July 29, 2019

Jazz Improv Combo Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Jazz Improv Combo - Movie Review Example In total, there were about seven men and two women. All the men worked on instrumentation, while the two women were mainly involved with the vocals. The tones employed by the vocalists were mainly altos. However, they sang separately. The whole performance was void of dance and movements. The musicians, while playing the instruments maintained their positions. However, the vocalists exhibited slight body movements during their actions. The music presented was purely jazz music. Each composition was played in its own unique way to avoid repetition of compositions; this is a characteristic of jazz music. The performers frequently altered melodies, tones, and harmonies deliberately. This created in the audience a different feeling and experience, which was exciting. There was a mixture of long and short music pieces. However, the short pieces were more than long pieces. This mixture of pieces allowed for breaks on the performers’ side and on the audience side as well. The concert was mainly performed by a jazz group, which undertook different approaches in their performance. Instrumental pieces took a greater part of the concert. These were a combination of long and short pieces of different music pieces. On the other hand, there were two main vocal presentations by the two women in the band. These solo presentations were accompanied by instrumentations. The solo presentation made the concert deviate from instrumentation, therefore presenting to the audience a new experience of vocalization. This was essential in striking a balance between vocalization and instrumentation. In this concert, a variety of music from different composers was performed. However, I will focus on my favourite music piece, which was â€Å"Careless Whispers.† The instrumentation of this piece was played without the vocals. George Michaels, born in 1964, originally wrote this piece of music, when he was twenty. Michael came up with this music one day while working as a

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